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Sjoerd den Daas, reporter of the Dutch Financial Daily reached out to VeChain’s CEO Sunny Lu to talk about the fast growing project.

The article was published in the Dutch newspaper on January 23, 2018. Below a translation. Exchange platforms, issuers of crypto tokens and traders. Nobody seems safe in the hunt that the Chinese authorities opened last September on everything related to cryptocurrencies. Initial Coin Offering “We were lucky,” says CEO Sunny Lu in an interview with the Dutch Financial Daily. In 2015 he stood at the cradle of VeChain, China’s best performing cryptocurrency this year and already rose about 360%. In mid-August, they raised $25 million from investors with an initial coin offering (ICO). Shortly thereafter, China came up with an extensive package of laws and regulations that banned this method of fund raising. “The market was a mess,” says Lu. He welcomes the new guidelines from the government. “This was badly needed.” Although the ICO formally took place in Singapore, the witch hunt in his industry had big consequences for his company. Lu and his colleagues were forced to refund participants from China, equalling 130 million tokens. This was done as a precaution, says Lu. Earlier this month the Chinese authorities targeted this industry, whereas the central goverment encourage local governments to gradually stop preferential policies for miners. “Only when there is an explicit deadline, and bitcoins are declared banned, I start to worry,” Xie Jinming clearly states. He is the founder of Inner Mongolia Block Cloud Computing, a relatively small mining operator in China. The mines are under supervision of the local government. They often have little interest in closing it. Cryptomines generate employment, provide rental income on empty industrial sites and in many cases the operators share profits with local electricity companies. “The electricity prices in Inner Mongolia have increased recently”, Xie says, asked about the most important changes. Bitmain, China’s largest operator of bitcoin mines, was not willing to comment on this topic. We receive requests almost every day, both from companies as well as from government departments”, Lu says. There have been rumors for a long time that VeChain would be in talks with the Chinese government for what could possibly be the largest blockchain contract in the world. “I can not comment on that,” says Lu. “We are not talking about concepts here. An important topic in China, where trust is hard to find after several food scandals. There is also a project where imported products can be traced in order to prevent fraud with import duties and the like. Lastly, there is a luxury brand using blockchain technology to fight counterfeit goods. More than concepts “This is just the beginning”, says Lu, “We are not talking about concepts here. The market gives him the benefit of the doubt for the time being. A few months ago he was a big unknown even for well-established crypto investors. Now VeChain joined the top 20 largest crypto coins by market cap. Since their ICO, the valuation of VeChain has already multiplied more than a hundred times. However, Lu does not want to know anything about a bubble. Coming back to the enormous valuation of his token and the persistent craziness on the market, Lu says “Compare it to the Internet in 1995. People quickly concluded: this is a bubble. Eventually the perception of the market was wrong. Now we know that the internet has changed the world. IMPORTANT NOTES:Currently, there is no official presale or whitelisting available. Patching these issues requires costs that may ultimately affect the profitability of each IoT application. Designed with IoT in mind, Blockcloud is decentralized, dynamic, secure, fair and economically sustainable. This improves performance, reliability and scalability. The team behind Blockcloud is composed of scientists from top institutions such as Princeton, Tsinghua University, and Tokyo University, and world-class companies such as Morgan Stanley, BAT, and Huawei. The reward for the first block wasSiacoins. These miners soon figured out that GPUs from AMD and Nvidia were well suited to the type of used to verify payments and bought them in droves. Out of these, Shapeshift is the easiest way to get ahold of your first Siacoin. Basic premise is cryogenic billionaire from the 21st freezes himself and wakes up in the 24th. Anonymously, almost solely, so that drug trade, hitmen, weapon trade, and literally isis can prosper more freely. If I was younger I might have the patience to mess with it, but it seems that Solidity is a young person’s game. And that is not taking into account all the non-retail applications of blockchain tech in areas like supply chain, provenance, and taxation. Having witnessed a major breakout on Friday, bitcoin is showing signs of bull exhaustion near the key resistance zone. Don’t get me wrong i’m not anti startup raising funds but there is a difference between taking what you need to build something and taking too. If it can’t be used to pay taxes, it’s not a currency Blockchain What is Blockchain Technology? See above for penalties. If it is the only real money in your world, how do you buy it? I would like to receive the following emails: Don’t miss a single story I would like to receive the emails: All boast, zero substance. So, even though Jaxx is not open-source, its code is visible. Top 3 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies October! This is particularly true for governments which are emerging or in crisis. That is a very idealistic view of a few people getting a quarter billion dropped in their laps. I guess if they’re also used to pay extra protection money to a guard, that’s sort of paying taxes. As a monetary device, there fewer retailers using BTC now, than there was a year ago, so that seems a downward trend. It’s just a hype fueled bubble of shit where people try to max allocations to offload as soon as exchanges start trading the tokens. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Everyone wants to be rich. If you use as a currency to buy stuff, there’s not much risk. So many coins Most to only be for pump and dump. These ICOs cashing out will have their names plastered all over the money. Another good question would be how do they use it to buy stuff. Soon afterwards, variants of ethereum like Quorum and Monax will start to mature and provide a highly resilient alternatives to Fabric and Corda. The stock market is flashing warning signs. Be aware that Twitter. Even if you want to run your own multiexplorer wallet on your hardware, it only take up a few hundred KB of space and the bandwidth used will be minimal. Log in or sign up in seconds. A Blockchain Development Platform. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. This type of unregulated, irrationally exuberant ICO will not be remotely sustainable long term. As bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, exploded in price and popularity, it looked as if AMD and Nvidia’s share prices would mirror bitcoin’s rise. It’s currently available for Android with the desktop editions for Windows, Linux and MacOs being put to the test as we speak and iOS coming soon. And I kick myself. But Jaxx currently supports 7 coins, 9 by the end of the week with 15 more on the way soon. These file contracts on the Sia blockchain ensure that the host and the user are both satisfied. Those gaming computers apparently cost as much as a used 2 stroke dirt bike, screw that. At present, Sia only supports desktop wallets on Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. Everything on the blockchain is traceable. Some people will accept crypto for goods and services though. These miners soon figured out that GPUs from AMD and Nvidia were well suited to the type of math used to verify payments and bought them in droves. In a free market, anything could happen. My cryptocurrency trading strategy - How I make money with Altcoins. At present, Sia only supports desktop wallets on Linux, and Windows platforms. Startups, fail at a spectacular rate. Bitcoin’s price has surged to a day high, with a similar trend seen in the overall cryptocurrency market today. Both companies have said that cryptocurrency miners have made it hard for retailers to keep their products in stockand the graphics card business has been booming because of it. Their idea was intriguing, but their execution ended up having major flaws that led to their demise. Negative news generated from BTC is often associated with blackmarket, trafficking, ransoms. Good points, but think it’s a bad thing to call any legit concerns people have ‘fear mongering’. Thus, it eradicates the need of trusting centralized data centers. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. You can also scrutinize the code for our Chrome by enabling Developer Mode, right-clicking anywhere on the app, and selecting Inspect. And then sometimes the value is just in making the exchange easier. The link is correct. And while I’ve no doubt that governments will control the gateways and get their taxes, I’m also confident that the overall change will be positive. Let me try to explain: I said ICO’s in general are good for the Ethereum ecosystem. There is no IM client in the world that actually has customers and exists which is worth what Status is valued at. If you need help, please contact Krushang Patel Krushang on Slack or any other team member and we will gladly assist you. I would just use Poloniex or Bitter. I do think ETH is partially shielded from tokens, but only partially Now, big data is so yesterday and data lakes are starting to go live. For much of this year, bitcoin has been a bad word, and everyone, including people building bog standard RDBMS , claim to be working on blockchain definitely not bitcoin. The inception of BTC was for the purpose of immutable, transparent, decentralized transactions with an essence of anonymity associated to it. So many times, it’s been said that something could or would never happen. Do not be weak. You are free to buy and sell crypto from there on. There is a roadmap to deal with the challenges you raise, Proof of Stake and Sharding. Some of the value providing features of Blockchain tech Facilitates transactions Provides a mechanism of trust Provides an immutable audit trail Cryptocurrencies like ether reflect that value. If one announcement summarizes the ambitions of crypto project Polymath, it might be Wednesday’s acquisition of the domain One of its several this week, it cuts to the heart of the project’s aims to dominate the issuance of tokenized securities. But the plans go beyond just the acquisition of potentially popular domain names. With those two partnerships, it believes it will have the platform to create tokens that can actually trade and dominate the coming transition of traditional equity to crypto. Neither deal is done, but Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko projects that they should be closed by early June. Koverko sees a crisis of liquidity in security tokens. As CoinDesk previously reported, many of the tokens issued so far are under a lockup period required by U.S. securities regulations, but Koverko argues that’s not the whole story. “It’s also because everyone’s scared to release them in the wild because you can’t prevent unaccredited people from getting them,” Koverko told CoinDesk. “What we’re doing is we’re bringing a measure of restraint and typical Wall Street-like compliance.” Polymath is one of several companies that have jumped into the token issuing space. The firm describes itself as a platform, one that brings in companies and guides them through the process of issuing a security token. The companies with the strongest proposals will get access to elite consultants, legal counsel and possible investment from Polymath’s new security token fund, which it also announced this week. One of Polymath’s partners, Gabriel Abed, founder of Bitt, a Caribbean platform for mobile money, explained the value of a crypto exchange in the country. “Barbados has the most double tax treaty agreements in the world.” That means that if a company pays tax in one country, it doesn’t have to pay tax in the other. Bitt is in the family of companies, like tZero, that have investments from Patrick Byrne and Abed is working to negotiate the use of TZero’s backend to run a crypto specific exchange out of the Barbados Stock Exchange. Koverko anticipates equity and real estate to begin quickly moving onto the platform. He also sees opportunities for people in the developing world with capital but without local financial infrastructure to make investments. Just as Africa skipped the landline phase and went straight to mobile, Koverko envisions a mobile-based capital market there as well. The Barbados Stock Exchange and tZero had not confirmed the deals in process at press time. No one is safe for the Chinese hunt for anything related to cryptocurrencies. That has been noticed since last September by operators of trading platforms, publishers of virtual currencies and crypto dealers. Nevertheless, VeChain, which quickly grew into the fourth digital currency of crypto-crazy China, is heading for a bright future. ‘We were lucky’, says Sunny Lu laughing in a conversation with the Financial Times (Dutch newspaper). All VeChain coins together have a value of € 2.3 billion according to Last year it did not look as if VeChain would go through such a development. Mid-August, Lu obtained $ 25 million from investors with a cryptocurrency (an initial coin offering, or ICO). Shortly afterwards, Beijing laid the whip over Chinese crypto markets. “It was a mess,” recalls Lu. He says he welcomes the new guidelines from the government, even though VeChain was hit hard by it. Although the ICO of VeChain formally took place in Singapore, the digital currency was struck by the witch hunt. Lu and his colleagues were forced to buy back 130 million digital coins issued in the People’s Republic. As a precaution, Lu says. ‘To maintain good relations with the Chinese government.’ Parties that ‘mine’ bitcoins also notice that the government is never far away. What is not allowed, is often clear. What is tolerated, is blurry. ‘Only when there is an explicit deadline and the bitcoins are declared banned, I start to worry,’ says Xie Jinming. He often has little interest in closing the companies. Parties that mine digital coins generate employment, provide rental income on empty industrial sites and in many cases share their profits with local electricity companies. ‘The electricity prices in Inner Mongolia have risen recently’, Xie says, asked about the most important changes. China’s largest Bitcoin miner, Bitmain, did not want to respond to questions about the changes on the market for cryptocurrencies. ‘Mining of crypto coins is a big business’, says Sunny Lu of VeChain. He prefers to look at the practical applications that blockchain technology can bring to our modern day society. ‘I can say that the interest in our services is enormous. We receive requests on a daily base. Also from government agencies, “says Lu. VeChain is talking with the Chinese government to close the largest blockchain contract in the world. VeChain is already working together with the Chinese government in various places, such as traceability of food products. This is an important theme in a country where confidence in the food industry is almost close to zero. ‘This is only the beginning’, says Lu. ‘What we do with VeChain is not a concept. This is a system that has already proven itself on several occasions. “According to him, the value of VeChain lies mainly in the ‘right to use public infrastructure’ and also in the ‘speed’ with which it works. A few months ago it was still an unknown cryptostartup, Monday the company rushed into the top 20 of the largest crypto coins in the world. Since the ICO, the currency has been multiplied more than a hundred times in value. Lu disputes that the valuation is too high. ‘With the emergence of the internet, people soon concluded that it was a bubble. Now we know that internet technology has changed the world. It is my firm conviction that the same role is reserved for cryptocurrencies, and for blockchain technology in particular. ‘ this post was submitted on 28 May 2018 1 point (100% upvoted) shortlink: π Rendered by PID 61476 on app-661 at 2018-06-11 14:56:18.480956+00:00 running 67864d7 country code: FR. Basis Neuro technology is not only a neural control of devices and objects of the virtual world, it is also a monitoring of a person’s psychophysical state. Such monitoring allows to obtain objective information about the mood of the user, his state and about the true preferences. To put it more simply, neuro-marketing will help the manufacturer to find out whether the consumer really likes his product or not. The use of neuro-marketing in contrast to traditional marketing questionnaires or focus groups gives absolute reliability of the data obtained. 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I was just searching for this information for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what’s the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this kind of informative websites in top of the list. Usually the top websites are full of garbage. With almost everything that seems to be building throughout The scientists, who call their IoT architecture Blockcloud, presented their ideas at GENESIS C.A.T., an innovation-in-blockchain technologyevent in in Tokyo recently. While blockchain is going to be good for the transactions, the underlying network won’t cope, they say. A traditional network, driven by centralization and not edge computing, won’t be robust enough, for one thing. The solution they propose is a mix of SCN and blockchain. It would be better than simply SCN, a fix suggested by some, or blockchain on its own, which has also been talked about. SCN is a future-internet, efficiency-oriented stack that can allow applications to communicate using service names instead of addresses. It’s geared towards intermittent, challenging, non-host-centric connections. Routing requests to the closest instance in an edge-like manner is a key concept, for example. SCN “provides a clean-slate solution for interface failover, device mobility, and global scalability,” the paper explains. Blockchain, on the other hand, is an encrypted, distributed ledger that records transactions. It can be used to provide trust remotely — transactions can’t be altered — and it can record events. The idea, then, is that blockchain provides the trust and monetization, while SCN provides the network. With that combination, sensors should be able to contribute to an open, global service market for sensor data — and make money. This represents all the Ether you have mined to date. One popular solution is was? Now I’m not sure where it end, but I definitely wouldn’t want to get caught holding the bag if the bubble pops and the price plummets. Just downloading the full Bitcoin blockchain currently requires around GB of disk space, so it can take a long time to get synced up. You can store many different types of coins here including popular such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Buy it on Amazon. MinerGate will automatically test your computer’s ability to mine various types of coins and provide you with an overall score. A more complex solution is to set up multi-algorithm mining software on your. Here you can ask the community questions about your mining setup, and about any issues you may be having. Please login or register. Unlike in previous failed attempts, recent developments in the cryptocurrency threat landscapes have made this a much more viable activity. What the numbers mean Once you’ve started mining, you may want to have some understanding of your progress. Filecoin looks to be the most exciting of the three, but unfortunately it is not live. Navigate the blockchain space with a new-found understanding and terminology. Sweminer on June 01, That meant downloading or even compiling the wallet for a particular coin and the correct mining software. To find out how much you will spending on power each month, you can use this simple website linked. Monero, which came to the market can offer a high level of transaction privacy. Each time a block is found, the calculations restart, having hardware that can search potential solutions more quickly is beneficial. Together with the diversity of coins to choose from inthere was also now a diversity of coin reward mechanisms. If you want to understand this further, see the Ethereum Github page for more information. The My Crypto Buddy calculator is another useful calculator which has the option to include difficulty into the calculations. Mining itself doesn’t use that much bandwidth, however syncing the block chain does. The calculator will then use this information to estimate how long it will take to pay back your computer. The cryptocurrency growth factor As we noted earlier, the value of mining rewards are not great, at least not initially. Close down any other open apps and agree to the license agreement. Though most mining calculators include this calculation for you, it can be very useful to find the exact amount you will be spending on power. You don’t have to make website visitors download and install executable files. I’ve included three popular ASICs as well as a point of reference:. We show you how to mine Bitcoins 1. Cryptocurrency news has been hot of late, thanks in no small part to the skyrocketing prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum , the two largest cryptocurrencies right now. Sweminer Hero Member Offline Activity: Cloud mining and ASIC mining are just two examples. All you have to do is add a few lines of script to your website code. A real emphasis is put on tangible experiences based on over a decade of combined experience. The number of Android mobile apps with cryptocurrency miners is also on the rise. Binance and either a. So the most likely scenario is the server was compromised either by an outsider, or even an insider. Every month or so, Withdraw your earnings your favorite altcoin exchange i. Each hash is unique and changing even a single character in the hash changes it completely. Win btc just for 5 mins! We encourage you to share your thoughts on your favorite social platform. Never miss a story from Hacker Noonwhen you sign up for Medium. In addition, file system scans can also show up any files where the browser-based miner code has been injected, enabling you to identify and clean up the content. This course is entry level, and also contains basic finance terminology. This depends on what you use for the first calculation. Powered by SMF 1. I recommend the Ethermine. The pool should find 25 percent of blocks, and you’ll end up with 0. The problem is that even five years ago, the hashrate was one millionth of what it is now, meaning you’d have better luck winning the lottery. As mentioned earlier, Coinhive provides a very neat and easy-to-use package for people to get involved in Monero mining. Everyday new miners join the network, which in turn increases the difficulty. The lower your power costs, the easier it to make mining a profitable endeavor. The unconfirmed balance represents the amount of mined Ether which is waiting for confirmation from MinerGate’s servers. The next risk, while not severe, is power. One of the Showtime sites affected was its content streaming site which has high traffic and user sessions are lengthy as visitors stay on the site while content is streaming. It was just about possible to do some mining with home-grade hardware. Or you could have just purchased a few BTC, and they would now be worth over five times as. You can also ask about general Ethereum questions. Hero Member Offline Posts: Enter both your email address and password. The reward was minuscule compared to the amount of mining power and electricity required. Understanding the challenges and possiblities, and getting a foundational understanding that will help you to make investments and analyse news. Its initial attempts at browser mining were quickly spotted by users and they were not too happy about it. From here you can choose a specific cryptocurrency to mine such as Ether rather than have MinerGate choose for you. It will take weeks to fill up all of your space, but a few GBs worth of rented space can still yield profits. Once MinerGate has finished setup, it will place a shortcut on your desktop. If you are a Windows user, you need to do two extra things. This is slightly more restrictive, as not everyone has a suitable AMD or Nvidia Graphics Processor so I will not go into too detail for this one. What does the future hold? So if you’re serious about mining, get friendly with scouring places like Bitcointalk, Github, and forums. GPUs can swap different algorithms any time they like, and can also be resold to gamers, unlike ASICs which can only be sold to fellow miners. Though it is still useful to know that your mining income will decrease every month due to difficulty. Electricity isn’t a problem but bandwidth and data traffic is, at least temporary. If you want to know more about cryptocurrencies, where they came from, and why they’re impacting graphics card prices, read How Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are hurting gamers. Here are some of the network protection signatures geared towards detection of browser-based mining:. Cloud mining and ASIC mining are just two examples. Our network protection operates on our endpoint solutions as well as our gateway and cloud touch points; all these solutions help build a solid defense against unwanted mining activity. After the demise of Tidbit, the idea of browser-based JavaScript cryptocurrency mining largely died away once again. Privacy is important if you want to mine coins maliciously, in order to ensure others cannot easily follow the money trail back to you. The scripts were promptly removed after they were discovered, suggesting that they were planted there maliciously. I would suggest you to install more than one 4G router and connect less rigs as possible per router. A single block contains cryptographic signatures for the block and the transactions within the block. However, Zcash may be less suitable for Hodling long-term from what I understand. The first high-profile site to start using Coinhive mining was The Pirate Bay torrent website. Website owners should watch for injection of the browser-mining scripts into their website source code. Our network solutions can help you spot this in the network traffic as your server communicates with visitors. I prefer to use Suprnova pool. When you’re only able to provide 0. Is there still money to be made as a cryptocurrency miner? Professionals working within finance may derive even more benefit from this course. Fast forward to September , the cryptocurrency landscape compared with had changed drastically. In other words, the lower your reward is. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: As we noted earlier, the value of mining rewards are not great, at least not initially. In , we discovered 26 different Android apps that were mining cryptocurrencies. Understanding the fundamentals of blockchain technology, how it works, its history and design principles. Or you could have just purchased a few BTC, and they would now be worth over five times as much. if you’re serious about mining, get friendly with scouring places like Bitcointalk, Github, and other forums. However, if you can get 3, users to spend approximately one second each on the site it would achieve a similar result. Fast forward to Septemberthe cryptocurrency landscape compared with had drastically. Browser-based mining, as its name suggests, is a method of cryptocurrency mining that happens inside a browser and is implemented using scripting language. Take your monthly power cost away from the value of the amount of the currency you mine to find your monthly profits. Another benefit of PoS is that the computers are not very expensive, nor do they draw lots of power, making PoS a far greener alternative to PoW. After the demise of Tidbit, the idea of browser-based JavaScript cryptocurrency mining largely died away once. Most pools will provide basic instructions on how to get set up for mining, including where to the software. June 01, Enter the mining pools. Download MinerGate client Open your browser and navigate to https: Sound like fantasy land? The next most profitable way to mine is to own a machine with multiple graphics cards as these can mine Ether much more efficiently than a plain old CPU. Why is browser mining taking off? Chart showing the rising price of Monero and detections of all types of cryptocurrency mining malware file- and browser-based. If you start out small you can easily upgrade in the future by either adding rigs to your farm, or by adding graphics cards to your rigs. The cryptocurrency growth factor As noted earlier, the value of mining rewards are not great, at least not initially. One of the most simple to use calculators the Crypto Compare calculator. Therefore, I mine Storj with my hard-drive. Even if you only contribute 0. If you want to check when the last block was mined, and who mined it, you can use this website for Bitcoin, and this one for Ethereum. Next, you need to make sure you chose an Open Port, as described in 3. Solo mining is hard, especially if you are running a small rig because you will most likely not find a block for a very long time unless get lucky. We are making adjustments as necessary to prevent unwanted cryptocurrency miners from stealing your computing resources to enrich. You’ve got your hardware, you’ve joined a mining pool, and you’re ready to rock the cryptocurrency world. De apps en sites van FD Mediagroep (waarvan FD onderdeel is) gebruiken de volgende cookies en/of vergelijkbare technieken: Functionele cookies

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