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It looks like John McAfee is back… and this time he’s shilling!

Also published on Medium. Like Loading… 99% of all ICOs use Telegram as a channel to interact with their communities. This means that we can measure the strength of ICO communities by measuring how big these ICO Telegram groups are. Below, you’ll find the web’s most extensive list of Telegram groups for tokens and ICOs. Every 15 minutes, we track the number of members in 2000+ Telegram groups for tokens and ICOs. This is the Telegram Tracker. Think of the Telegram Tracker as giving an indication of hype: the more new members, the more hype. Below you can see the change in number of members in the last 24 hours. The graph updates every hour. You can see when it was last updated – in UTC+2 (Paris time). Would you like us to add a Telegram group? Submit your ICO here! Telegram Tracker for Tokens and ICOs Are your more interested in the absolute numbers? That is, how many users are in the groups right now? Youtube ICO reviewers are crypto enthusiasts who create ICO reviews, which discuss upcoming ICO projects and their potential value. These Youtubers are experienced analysts who use their market experience and background in the cryptocurrency culture to predict the success of ICOs for the benefit of their investor audiences. Any investor seeking to make informed, balanced picks for their investments should consult with the highly informed and regarded opinions of the Youtube ICO reviewers listed below. Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storages and software products (similar to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). Bitte lesen Sie den Haftungsausschluss und die Risikowarnung. Dieses Angebot basiert auf Informationen, die ausschließlich vom Anbieter und anderen öffentlich zugänglichen Informationen bereitgestellt werden. Das Token-Verkaufs- oder Tausch-Ereignis steht in keinem Zusammenhang mit ICOholder, und ICOholder ist nicht daran beteiligt (einschließlich technischer Unterstützung oder Werbung). Tokenverkäufe, die von Personen aufgeführt sind, mit denen ICOholder keine Beziehung hat, werden nur gezeigt, um den Kunden zu helfen, die Aktivitäten innerhalb des gesamten Token-Sektors zu verfolgen. Diese Information ist nicht als Ratschlag gedacht, auf den Sie sich verlassen sollten. Sie müssen sich fachlich oder fachlich beraten lassen oder Ihre eigene Due Diligence durchführen, bevor Sie auf der Grundlage der Inhalte unserer Website Maßnahmen ergreifen oder unterlassen. Alle Bedingungen, die von Mitwirkenden in Bezug auf den Erwerb von Token eingegangen werden, liegen zwischen ihnen und der Aussteller des Token und ICOholder ist nicht der Verkäufer solcher Token. Wenn Sie Bedenken hinsichtlich der Art, Angemessenheit oder Rechtmäßigkeit dieses Token-Verkaufs oder der daran beteiligten Personen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an [email protected] mit detaillierten Informationen zu Ihren Anliegen. Launch of SocialBook DApp built on BOOSTO prototol, and participation of 10 selected influencers. Our Sellers Program is the first step to build a working, profitable marketplace over the blockchain. We want to onboard as many sellers as we can and find out what matters to you! In the end, it is about validating our value proposition, determining where we need to improve, and setting the foundations for a great service for everyone. The user always receives bonuses for investments or purchases made by backers of the corporate client in any of our projects. All you need is to share information about PM7+ app and РМ7 platform by personal acquaintances or through any channels you are using: messengers, letters, social media, text messages, etc. From the first level you always receive bonuses as 7% of investment or purchases made by friends invited by you. From the second level you always receive bonuses as 3% of investment or purchases for friends who joined the program under invitation of your friends. But if these users participate in other projects, then bonuses are calculated according to the general rules. The chain of involved friends lasts until the 7th level. Your income in % from each level for purchases and investment is calculated as follows: % depends on commissions paid by our clients (each product has its own commission % for each level). Also, you receive $1000 Installation Bonuses for registering a corporate client in the PM7 platform and his installation of PM7+. All users of its ICO (or any other project) who installed PM7+ and registered in PM7 platform become your friends of 2nd level. And for their installation or registration you receive $8.57 IB. And so on… After end of ICO campaigns your friend will continue generate income in other projects and you will always earn bonuses from actions and purchases of friends you involved. Invite as many projects and friends as you have. We do not set limits on your income. You can incredibly increase your monthly income. It really works! International prices for Ethereum have recovered to around $342 according to, a site that averages the prices for Ethereum across multiple exchanges. This brings Ethereum’s market cap to $31.78 million. Over the next week, trading in the recently ICOed Ethereum-based tokens, Bancor “BNT” and Status “SNT” will drive the market for Ethereum for better or worse. So far, the Bancor ICO has been a success and is likely to boost the market. The Next Internet Ethereum is a programmable network, and this means decentralized applications called “DAaps” can be built on top of the platform. These projects are crowd-funded through initial coin offerings where interested investors send Ethereum to the developers in exchange for newly minted tokens that represent the new project. These tokens are based on Ethereum, and to my knowledge, their value remains within Ethereum’s market-cap. It is not possible to value these tokens based on traditional financial valuation metrics because they have no intrinsic value.

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  • 1st level – 7%,
  • 2nd level – 3.0%,
  • 3rd level – 1.50%,
  • 4th level – 0.70%,
  • 5th level – 0.60%,
  • 6th level – 0.35%,
  • 7th level – 0.25%.

Prices for these tokens are mostly subjective, and this introduces the possibility of speculative bubbles forming in the network.

The majority of investors seem to buy DAap tokens for no other reason than to sell them at a higher price later. Some of these tokens pay a proverbial “dividend” in the form of more tokens. But this token, like the token it came from, has no intrinsic value. Despite the difficulty in valuing Ethereum-based tokens, there is undeniably value being created by this activity, albeit difficult to put in dollar terms. Ethereum has been likened to another internet, and it, like the actual internet, will be difficult to monetize in its early stages. It is fair to say that these new DAaps are 2017’s version of,, and - flashy, exciting projects with little monetizable value. And needless to say, most of Ethereum’s DAaps will probably fail. But this is a necessary process in the evolution of a new technology, especially one with theoretically limitless potential. Investor demand for these DAaps, however irrational it may be, is a key fundamental support for the market cap of Ethereum. Ethereum’s success will depend on demand for these tokens. Bancor Bancor “BNT” is an Ethereum-based application that aims to bring blockchain technology into mass adoption through a variety of exciting use cases. At its core, the Bancor protocol will allow people without technical knowledge to create and exchange “smart tokens” through the app. These tokens can be backed by other cryptocurrencies, fiat currency or even gold. They can also be bundled into ETFs and other financial projects. Bancor sounds cool, but it is hard for most people to wrap their heads around what is actually does and why they would need it. It also sounds difficult to monetize. Takeaway Bancor ICOed for over $150 million earlier in the month and Bancor tokens are already available for trading. The price is currently 0.012387 ETH per BNT which translates to around $4.2376 dollars, a 23.76% profit for investors who purchased the tokens at their ICO price of $4.00. There was a significant flow of capital into Bancor, and its total market cap is now $344.346 million. This extended ICO period allowed American investors, who are restricted by SEC laws, an opportunity to purchase the tokens for a good price after the ICO. The successful ICO and trading of Bancor has been a success for the Ethereum network. Demand for the tokens was healthy, and the Bancor team seems to have found a way to reduce the boom and bust volatility that generally follows initial trading of ICOs. Bancor will boost the value of Ethereum. Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Please enter the e-mail that you registered your account with, and we will send your username to that address. is an influencer driven decentralized app store. The developers can tap into the influencer network and collaborate to provide more interactive functionality with audiences and sponsors. Selected influencers will also be able to issue their personalized tokens, and through this system, the implicit potential of influencers can be measured by the total value of their tokens. Many startups, and even blockchain projects, have set out to disrupt this old model by providing alternative revenue models for content creators. While evaluating the current market, realized that most companies are working to solve their existing content creator problems. In addition, realized that, while influencers have a large amount of followers, they do not have the technical capabilities to develop applications which enhance interaction and relationships. understand that by adopting blockchain technology, can create even better transparency for data and payment. By incorporating tokenization mechanics to decentralized network, can remove rent-seeking intermediaries and provide direct incentivization to ecosystem players, especially independent developers and early adopters. An influencer is an individual who has significant impact on a specific niche. Influencers are often connected to key roles of media outlets, consumer groups, industry associations or community tribes. Prominent influencers have many followers viewing their content, yet the way that they are monetizing their reach is through referral links and advertisement. Moreover, the main cut of advertisement is still earned by the platform itself. Developers will gain an opportunity to work with influencers, and at the same time leverage the network, while helping the influencer strengthen bonds and interactions with target audiences. Influencers will not have to pay the developer upfront, but instead, based on the application the developer creates, he will receive fees based on transactions via his or her applications. This will give the developer a constant stream of income as long as the application is running. This is where having a smart contract would be helpful. tokens will launch as an ERC20 token on Ethereum Blockchain and will be used as the main medium of exchange on the BOOSTO platform. Content creators will no longer need to go through a centralized system that control how they can monetize their brand. All ecosystem tools and applications will need to use the Tokens as the main currency for payments.Brands and advertisers pay influencers in Tokens in order to buy influencers’ • Influencers can deploy a third party DApp built upon the BOOSTO platform into their personal marketplace (“Personal Store”). • Influencers can directly purchase Tokens from the BOOSTO influencer trading platform (“BOOSTO Influencer Trading Platform”). • BOOSTO Tokens can be exchangeable for all KOLO tokens on the BOOSTO Influencer Trading Platform. The Influencer’s Personal Store itself is not a new concept.

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  • Head of Business Development - London Requirements: Self-driven enthusiast with extensive experience in the crypto and token space.

When Michelle Phan promoted some cosmetic brands, she contributed a substantial amount of revenue to the brands, while she herself only received advertising payments from YouTube.

Smart enough, she naturally started her own brand called IPSY: and has raised $100MM at the value of $500MM. When KOLO tokens emerge, a trading platform naturally comes into play. Influencers have a community and great opportunities to use the benefits of DApps and blockchain technology. Developers can use BOOSTO SDK to develop various DApps and add them to the personal store. Also Influencers can customize and deploy DApps on blockchain and use them. Developers also can use the DApp Store, to invite influencers to join their DApps and gain some funds. With the BOOSTO Wallet, any user can easily manage, transfer, or purchase Tokens and KOLO Tokens via Boostinsider, or any other influencer Personal Stores. This article is writing on 31 March ,2018 based on information available online & news portal. If you feel it’s outdated or incorrect, please write here to update it. Mail us: Or Whatsapp Us- 918077121282 Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website.So Please take care of your investments. and be in the safety site and avoid much losing online Influencer infrastructure. TBA PRE-SALE: Team: 5 persons Prototype: No info Company Residence: Singapore ICO Min/max personal cap: 0.00 / 0.00 ICO Token Price: 0.00 USD, 0.00 ETH, 0.00 NEO CONTACTS [email protected] [email protected] © 2018 Ingello No news yet, check back soon. Your request has been sent. We will contact you asap. Kodak is infamous for its inability to get with the times. In 2013 it emerged from a one-and-a-half year long bankruptcy battle, having sold off much of its business and patents to other companies. But the Kodak name lives on and it is determined not to miss the digital hype bus again. Yesterday, the company announced its plans to become a blockchain business and launch its own cryptocurrency, the KODAKCoin. The news sent its share price spiking 119 per cent to $6.80 (£5.03), its highest since October 2017. (It’s been on a steady trend downwards since a recent peak of $36.88 (£27.25) in January 2014). Kodak is also launching its own cryptocurrency, KODAKCoin, which is intended as a way of paying photographers immediately when their images are licensed for use. The initial coin offering will open on January 31, 2018 and is available to investors in the US, UK, Canada and other ‘select countries’. The final piece of Kodak’s blockchain plan is the most peculiar. At CES the company revealed it plans to install rows of Kodak-branded bitcoin mining devices at its headquarters in Rochester, New York. Kodak isn’t the first company to try and cash in on the blockchain hype despite seemingly having limited expertise in that area. Everyone from burger chains to tea companies have tried to get their own share of the blockchain magic. Here are a few of the oddest. In December, the Long Island Iced Tea Corporation changed its name to Long Blockchain Corporation. The company, which sells bottled iced tea and lemonade, announced it was shifting focus to concentrate on exploring and investing in opportunities in the blockchain space. Despite its unlikely credentials as a blockchain company, its shares spiked by 289 per cent. Since then the company has scaled-back its plans to raise $8.4 million (£6.2 million) through a stock offering and use that money to buy bitcoin mining machines. Chanticleer owns and operates a number of burger franchises in the US, including branches of Hooters and BGR. On January 2, 2018, it announced that customers would soon be able to order their burgers with a side of cryptocurrency. The company’s shares went up by 42 per cent after it announced its plans. Want to supercharge the share price of your furniture company? Try putting it on the blockchain. Not every tea company can pull off a pivot to the blockchain. In November, the Hong Kong-based produced of traditional Chinese tea changed its name to Blockchain Group Company. Unfortunately the shift only prompted a minor boost in the company’s share price, which has declined by 78 per cent over the last year. She echoed the eleven-point plan laid out by Dominic Grieve in September 2009, which includes the dumping of Labour plans for identity cards. Laing emphasised that these are promises to be carried out by a future Conservative government, but asked the attendees to advise her if any of them are impractical. Under Conservative plans, the commissioner would be appointed by Parliament, not the government, and would audit every department on an annual rotating basis. The speech followed a conference which contained some criticism of the ICO and the ability of Parliament to handle issues as technical as privacy and data protection. One delegate pointed out that the ICO contains 200 people, none of whom has any post-graduate IT security qualification. Long a shortcoming for all public blockchain networks, the world’s second-largest blockchain is nonetheless aiming for big improvements in its upcoming Byzantium release. In the past month, China issued not only an all-out ban on ICOs, but ordered exchanges (including those that buy and sell ether) to hand customer data to the authorities.

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  • Nigeria

This added attention is just one of the things that has shone a light on the limitations of the network.

Currently, every transaction is permanently visible on the ethereum blockchain, meaning that investments made by individuals – including those that might be illegal – can be widely observed. Not quite a bug and not quite a feature, this availability of user information is still something that many developers have set about to correct. Complicating matters, however, is that ethereum hasn’t been known for its privacy features to date. While zcash helped pioneer the use of zk-snarks and monero popularized ring signatures and stealth addresses, ethereum has perhaps struggled to find a similar value-add when it comes to anonymity. But the upcoming Byzantium hard fork, currently expected to occur in October, will introduce two new cryptographic procedures which should eventually pave the way for increased privacy. Ethereum’s first major upgrade since 2016, Byzantium is actually one-half of a much larger upgrade designed to enhance the usability of the platform, named Metropolis. It will also be the first major technical upgrade since the network has been valued in the billions, a development that could add drama to the proceedings. Looking ahead, the second part of Metropolis, Constantipole, has been postponed indefinitely, meaning users will have to wait before they can enjoy maximum privacy on the platform. Still, that’s not to say there aren’t substantial efforts toward that goal. Privacy on ethereum is a notoriously complex endeavor, as it contradicts some basic methods of how a blockchain functions. This risk is resolved by rendering the details of each transaction visible and storing them in a widely distributed ledger. As this procedure is fundamental to the technology, rewriting it requires high-level mathematics which have never before been attempted. As such, ethereum’s developers are taking that attempt seriously and are reaching out to peers in other blockchain platforms for new ideas and features. By using that technology, a statement can be verified without requiring any information to be revealed beyond its validity. As an encryption method, zk-snarks work by translating what you want to prove into an equivalent form – without anyone knowing the solution to the algebraic equations that produced it. The larger the curve, the more secure it is, but it does bring higher costs for each operation. As a result, these heavy mathematical procedures are now far too expensive to run on the ethereum platform. In principle, prior to Byzantium, a zk-snark could be completed by the ethereum virtual machine, but it would be too expensive to fit inside a single block. However, the Byzantium hard fork will introduce a gas-subsidized pairing check that makes a zk-snark less costly to compute. If you’re unsure, “gas” is a unit used to measure the computational effort that goes into a transaction and is used to calculate fees. Due to this new feature, the first zk-snark transaction was verified on the Byzantium testnet earlier this week. The transaction, which is viewable on the test network here, cost a total of 1,933,895 gas. To put this in some context – a non-private transaction currently costs far less, around 21,000 gas. Still, aside from this costliness, and beyond the verification itself, there’s nothing in ethereum that today can support the tech. “We need practical implementations of all the other components of a zk-snark system (apart from the verification),” he told CoinDesk. Some of these features might be figured out soon. For example, work needs to be done to translate a computational task from source code into the form required by a zk-snark. Reitwiessner said this is currently in heavy development, and will likely be released by the ethereum developer conference in November. However, other milestones still need extensive research before they can be reached. At present, regardless of whether an ether transaction is private, it will always be visible to the person who pays for the gas. For one, ethereum must counter a security problem within zk-snark tech itself, known as the trusted setup. This was to prove that there was no backdoor into the technology that could potentially allow developers the ability to manipulate the network. The catch now is that ethereum must develop something equivalent to this, but one that can scale to thousands of participants. Alongside this, solutions need to be developed so that mathematical proofs are generated alongside a zk-snark. And, more programming is needed to establish the possibility of zk-snarks occurring off the blockchain. In light of this, it could be that a smoother alternative to zk-snarks is developed in the meantime. BOOSTO provides development framework including SDKs, APIs and Oracle services for developers to develop various DApps. Influencers power the marketing for developers and get the revenue share. We understand that by adopting blockchain technology, we can create even better transparency for data and payment. All ecosystem tools and applications will need to use the Tokens as the main currency for payments. 100%weight Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community. If no expert has rated the ICO, only ICO analyzer’s results are used. Always research before investing as these ratings should not be taken as an investing guide of any kind.Ratings and ICO analyzer results are being updated (re-calculated) every few hours. We provide exceptional, driven and self motivated candidates the opportunity to join our world class team and be part of a vibrant, innovative and industry leading crypto advisory. All positions are contract based and compensated in digital currency. It is an automated open-source credit and big data bureau that promises to provide instant credit check and microloans to users in 15 min via their smartphone. The platform also claims that users can pay lower interest rates and earn better credit scores the more they use the platform. Micromoney claims it is backed by a real product unlike many of the other cryptos out there. Despite what the company wants to do, the sales figures are a bit lower than expected. Despite that, the company has grown and expanded since its founding in 2015. 2015 — Cambodia: In December 2015, the company started with: $30,000 of initial capital, three employees, first 20 customers, and all the processes were executed in Excel and Google Docs. 2016 — Expanded into Myanmar. Work began to develop the Decentralized Credit Bureau, grew to 35 people working for the company. 23,000 unique registered users.

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2017 —Expanded into Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand In 2017, the team increased to 85 people now 95,000+ unique registered users.

This will help raise the standard of living in these counties, too. The more people that can get the loans to start their businesses, the better their financial situation, which should spread to others and raise the quality of life over time. Sai Hnin Aung -  Co-founder, COO. Anton Dzyatkovskiy -  Co-founder, IT & Scoring. Lending Director in Everex, a payment crypto. Micromoney (AMM) entered the market on Dec. 17, 2017 at $0.50 per token. In January, it rocketed upward to a high of $2.42 per token before falling back down in late January to $0.81 and then remaining relatively flat through March and April. At the time of writing, AMM is trading at $0.30 per token, rather unimpressive for all the expansion and growth taking place. The coin is currently ranked at 747 on Coin Market Cap. Perhaps, another ICO would be the shot in the arm this company needs to raise its profile among investors and the general public. In economics, or “tokenomics”, tokens can act like normal stocks. This means tokens can generate value for you in three ways: dividends, token buybacks, and price appreciation. Unless you’re looking to dump your tokens immediately after exchange listing, you’ll likely to be holding on to your tokens for a long while. So how do you avoid a wallet full of spam coins? That means you are looking at two sides of the equation: how will the demand increase, and how will the supply stay the same or decrease. As the supply never changes, but the demand increases, the token value goes up. Token buy back: The project can chose to buy up tokens that are in circulation, and “burns” (destroys) the bought tokens by smart contract. This increases the value of the token as there is less supply. This can be done continuously, or as a one time thing to boost / correct token value. Token creation by third parties: The project can allow tokens to be mined or gained by other ways without actually buying it. Mining is the most simplest form, as you know how much time it takes for the next block to be mined. However when there are faucets, referral programs or other incentives at work it becomes a bit more complex. Token creation by the project: A project can simply chose to create more tokens when necessary. For example when the token value has become so high that the users do not use it anymore for the services offered. Token demand is based on utility of the token, or in plain terms: how the token is used. Tokens can be used in different ways depending on the business model, however we’ll focus on token utility in terms of service within the product (or other products). For this, we’ll have to take a closer look at the services the product offers, and the market size potential. Services: are the services offered so enticing that they will generate a high demand? The more people use the services and pay for it in the token, the higher the token value will be. Generally speaking, services offered that cater to the crypto crowd or depend on demand of other crypto ecosystems are generate more value. Let’s take a look at the biggest crypto projects in terms of RoI since ICO (at the time of this article’s publication). They are all catering to the crypto or tech crowd. Think people in technology, IoT, scientists, medical/pharmaceuticals, gaming/gambling. This ties nicely with the above mentioned services. There are two ways to judge market size: from the top, and from the bottom. Top down: Most ICOs market by using top-down market size: they show the entire market (without competitors). As an example, let’s say you want to make a blockchain product for beers in the US. For this, you can put in your ICO paper that the total market size of the beer industry in the US is expected to be 464$ billion dollars in 2020! Meanwhile they can go to the store and exchange their dollars for any other brand. So going by total market size is not actually a very good measure of how the token will rise in value. Rather, try to estimate how the team will actually penetrate the market and how much of the market size they can capture. In traditional investing this is called your market opportunity, and it is calculated by multiplying the (total market * the penetration %). So if you think the blockchain beer has a chance of 0,1% to penetrate the market, the formula would be: 464,000,000,000 * 0,001 = 464$ million. Not a bad number, but because you are multiplying with a very large number and a very uncertain percentage, the market opportunity number is pretty much a ballpark figure. The second way to judge market size is bottom up: which is projecting the growth of the product based on current numbers. The core of this estimation is taking a transaction (customer pays token, you perform service) and scaling it up. Let’s say you sell the beer for 10$USD per crate, and the customer has to buy it in “beer tokens”, which they can exchange on Livecoin. You know that in your area, blockchain beer is very popular and you expect to sell at least 400 crates per month. To get the market size you calculate the (items sold * price), so (400 * 12 * 10$) = a market size of 48,000$ yearly for the first year. That’s a bit more sobering than the 464$ million figure from the top-down approach. In either case, take the number supplied from the team with a grain of salt. So now let’s get back to the topic: how to judge if the token will rise in value after the ICO. Investing always has associated risks attached to it, and will never be risk free. The least risky ICO would be a project that has disclosed their market size bottom-up, with a product in a space that is favourable for crypto adoption.

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In other words, not something like the Karmatoken.

However those projects are rare unicorns, so you will have to take a risk somewhere. You’ll have to be well aware of the problems the product faces before it can start generating your 5x, 10x or 20x returns. By the way, if anyone wants to start a blockchain beer company, don’t forget I had the idea first! Disclaimer:the author does not promote any of the exchanges or ICOs mentioned in the article as better than others. Do your own research and pick wisely!.