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This review is for a project that appears promising in my mind.

It’s a bit early to review it due to the fact the team is still sorting out how it’s going to reach a more public audience. For now it’s in private sale with no plans for a public Token Generation Event (TGE). Their website is also outdated so I stitch a bunch of information I was able to gather for this review. I will obviously need to issue an update as I receive final details from the team. Emotiq calls itself a next-generation blockchain with powerful scalability and privacy, combining the latest research in distributed ledger technology with an innovative natural-language approach to smart contracts. Before going into a deep dive into Emotiq’s anticipated features let’s take a look at the team and the token sale. This team is loaded with technical talent proficient primarily in developing applications in Common Lisp. I’m not sure what the rocket scientist does for the team but that’s cool. Joel Reymont, CEO: 25 years of programming experience in a variety of languages including Erlang, Golang, and C++. His career experience screams versatility as to the type of applications he has built including iOS and Android applications to server side applications. Most recently he was CTO of another prominent crypto project, Aeternity. Vladimir Lebedev, VP Engineering: resume reads of a serial entrepreneur focused on bringing his technical skillset to the team. Although he held high positions in each of these companies he did not stay very long. Likely, he either came in on an interim basis to push through critical projects or left shortly for shinier, newer projects. I kid, but not really. Apparently David is an expert in LISP programming (30 years experience). His LinkedIn is bare bones. I would advise the team to have every team member build a robust profile. Wow that is unconventional. He is currently CTO at Ampliltude Energy Anayltics while working on Emotiq – which I’m unclear is a small company or Shannon’s individual consulting firm. I’ll keep digging. Paul Tarvydas, Electronics and Microprocessor Guru: was a Senior Director of Software Development for 25 years. Working full time at Emotiq. Mark Evensen, Software Architect: 25 years of experience with Common Lisp, Python, Java, or C. This data is from the best of my knowledge. Natural language Emotiq will feature a language called Ring, built on Lisp. Why Lisp or Ring when many programmers know other languages? Why introduce an oddity? CEO Joel Reymont brings up Paul Graham’s post Beating the Averages as a reason why Lisp is the primary language of choice for Emotiq. An excerpt: Our secret weapon was similar. We wrote our software in a weird AI language, with a bizarre syntax full of parentheses. For years it had annoyed me to hear Lisp described that way. But now it worked to our advantage. In business, there is nothing more valuable than a technical advantage your competitors don’t understand. In business, as in war, surprise is worth as much as force.

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  • Potential for bounty and airdrops to reach a public audience

Graham was alluding to Lisp’s ability to rapidly develop applications and features.

He used a language that was popular in universities and research labs in a competitive environment to deploy large scale applications to the web. When his competitors differentiated themselves with new features, Graham would simply whip up the features in short order. The competitive advantage of first mover eroded. The same argument could be made for the decentralized web to come. Using a language that could be picked up by competent but not necessarily trained programmers could be an entryway to mass adoption/creation of smart contracts. Ring is meant for non-programmers to hop on the blockchain train. Not only will Emotiq run Ring based smart contracts, but Solidity programmers can develop on Emotiq as well since Ring’s Virtual Machine also processes Solidity. OmniLedger and Horizontal Sharding Emotiq will use horizontal scaling (similar to Zilliqa and Quarkchain) to enable higher throughput. As a quick reminder, horizontal scaling is increasing network capacity by adding more machines. Vertical scaling on the other hand focuses on upgrading the existing nodes on the network. Bitcoin, for example, scales vertically as dedicated mining machines are built to run its Proof-of-Work algorithm. Emotiq will enable sharding built on top of OmniLedger. Here is a great blog entry explaining UTXO. Blockchains have several choices when it comes to its accounting of the distributed ledger. The two popular choices are UTXO (Bitcoin) and the Account (Ethereum) method. When UTXOs are created they are randomly assigned to shards. Due to this randomization, Emotiq will need to be able to process transactions atomically across shards. Assuming Emotiq uses the same UTXO model in OmniLedger, a Byzantine Shard Atomic Commit Protocol called Atomix enables cross shard transactions. Scaling through ledger pruning Blockchains such as Bitcoin burden nodes in the network by having them download the entire ledger. Payment networks such as Visa produce well over 150 GB per day. For new validators joining the network, this overhead presents a hurdle in hardware requirements (storage space) and network participation latency (software requires syncing the entire distributed ledger). Emotiq will do this by building upon MimbleWimble. Emotiq plans to maintain the history by using an ordered Merkle tree, and puts the Merkle tree’s root hash in the header. Network validators will then run consensus on this check point. If approved, this new block becomes the genesis block. With VRFs, a specific seed value combined with the creator’s secret key will produce a resulting psuedo-random value. Network validators can then verify the new leader by combining the same seed value combined with the creator’s public key (not private key). Other projects using VRFs in their leader node selection are Ontology (link to my review) and Dfinity. Oracles Smart Contracts are executable programs that make a decision, yes or no. In order for these Smart Contracts to make a decision they often require information from the outside world. Oracles can be defined as trusted data sources that feed information into the smart contract. The irony of relying on “trusted data sources” should not be lost upon proponents of decentralization. But at the same time, to increase enterprise adoption of blockchain it is necessary to work existing data lakes. Company APIs interacting with Emotiq’s Smart Contract capabilities is essential to bridging the decentralized and centralized systems gap.

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Proof of Stake Emotiq’s network features a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

Their whitepaper is vague around these details so unfortunately I do not have much to add. Bulletproofs Emotiq will use non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, otherwise known as Bulletproofs. Bulletproofs have the benefit of providing speed and scalability over existing privacy solutions such as zkSNARKS, which requires heavy cryptographic operations. No project is perfect so I’m going to lay out my concerns in detail. Dedicated team members Dedication of the team to the project is very important to me when it comes to evaluating a project’s prospects. Working full time indicates that the team is going to eat, sleep, and breathe the success of Emotiq. Without knowing the full extent of token metrics it’s hard to say what the financial motivations of the team members will be. Also, many of the team members have had a long history of software contracting or short stints at firms. While having a large number of software experiences is beneficial for, well, software development it also puts into question whether the team is in it for the long term. Website is out of date On their website their hard cap is stated as $60M but when you visit their Telegram their hard cap is $39M. Also, Emotiq’s sale is only for accredited investors at this time. Investor minimums are $100,000 and require a network of $5M. Public distribution to be defined This may not be a fair criticism given they are still working things out. My ICO rankings tend to favor projects with broader public distribution so unfortunately this project is going to suffer in one of my core metrics. However, this shouldn’t take away from the team’s ability to deliver on what appears to be a promising project. If I was to advise Emotiq I would suggest either a bounty program or an Airdrop to distribute tokens to a more public audience. Edenchain is one example of a project that not only canceled pools (to avoid legal scrutiny), but also generated a highly successful viral campaign through its bounty program. Overall, Edenchain was successful in generating buzz and onboarding a number of new token holders in exchange for their “sweaty equity”. The point is, Edenchain spent very little OpEx on marketing. Disclaimer: I participated in the Edenchain bounty program Programmers may not like natural languages There are more popular languages used in software development than Lisp. Also, Lisp has been around for a very long time. Many new languages have since come on the scene. For this reason, many programmers I’ve chatted with will dismiss using natural languages and Lisp, there are simply other languages to use. Personally, as a businessman focused on data driven decision making I use Python every day. It shortcuts my workload tremendously while at the same time enabling me to move beyond off the shelf software tools such as Excel or Salesforce reporting. Adoption may be a very serious issue. Hard cap The team plans to raise $39M, down from the website’s stated $60M. This is a fairly steep hard cap. Personally I’d like to see concrete plans for a Foundation to reinvest in winning over developers to the platform if you’re going to raise this much. Emotiq will be one of the first OmniLedger public deployments, along with another highly rated upcoming project – Harmony. I had not heard of OmniLedger until recently but will definitely keep probing. The team is highly capable with their technical talents. The elephant in the room revolves around yet another smart contract enabled, sharding, and privacy blockchain. What makes this better than Zilliqa?

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What makes this better than Zcash or upcoming Starkware enabled projects?

The technical answers to those questions are beyond my capability to respond but this team can win on the ground in several other ways. It could focus on building a foundation similar to Ethereum, Neo, and Dash to help foster the network’s development and outreach. It could also develop strong developer networks in poaching Ethereum/Solidity smart contract developers to migrate or second source their base layer protocol on Emotiq. The Foundation could also invest as a VC or hold bounties for programmers to continually build around the clock on the network: making it more robust and capable. As a business person who happens to program in Python, I can appreciate Emotiq’s approach in bringing in non-programmers to embrace the smart contract world. There are far more non-developers then there are programmers. I can foresee a wysiwyg-like or HTML-like interface for non-technical audiences to build their very own smart contracts. The possibilities for drawing in the public is hugely appealing in my mind. With the ambitious roadmap ahead of the project one would question the team’s ability to execute. For me personally, I’m excited about this project despite all of the concerns I laid above. Many of the projects I reviewed did not nearly have the level of talent as this team. Despite focusing on what appears to be an “old” computer programming language, it’s possible for the team to position adoption with the right initiatives in place. Pouring over their GitHub you see the incredible number of commits and level of development. If I had the opportunity, I would take a small chance here. We offer the latest news, costs, achievements, and investigation with emphasis on expert opinion and editorial from the cryptocurrency group. • Team tokens will be locked up for 18 months. • Emotiq will set aside a token reserve which will be 100% used for promotion, publicity, airdrops, community expansion, bounties, etc. by the Emotiq team. • There will be a 12-month lockup for seed contributors. • There will be a 6-month lockup for 50% of private sale contributor tokens. • Any tokens unsold after the private sale or public TGE will be kept in reserve by Emotiq, to be used for future funding needs. Emotiq will set up a temporary ERC20 token within 30-60 days after concluding the All lockup periods will start from the time that the temporary ERC20 token CROWD SALE IS UPCOMING: Emotiq is a next-generation blockchain with powerful scalability and privacy, combining the latest research in distributed ledger technology with an innovative natural-language approach to smart contracts. … 08:31 02 Jun Please visit our website: - for all the information, links, and details about Emotiq. While you’re at the website, be sure to sign up for the mailing list - it is the easiest way to ens EMTQ Token Type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 0.1333 USD Pre-sale/Private-sale Token Price: 0.07 USD Sold on Pre-sale/Private sale: TBA Min/Max Personal Cap: ETH Total Tokens Supply:

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1,000,000,000 Tokens For Sale:

650,000,000 (65%) Salem, MA Walnut Creek, CA Saint Charles, MO Des Moines, IA Salt Lake City, UT Cote St Luc, QC Bestcoins is an open community of ICO investors, technology enthusiast and founders. It is an alternative to Telegram. We’ll never post to any of your accounts without your permission. Dench Music ICO merges the Music Industry and Blockchain together. What can we say? We’re busy. Crypto: pairing-based crypto is now available Emotiq now has pairing-based cryptography (PBC) which relies on libraries by Boneh & Lynn (Stanford), and those developed internally. As a result, we now have short BLS signatures, and the possibility to support hierarchical deterministic wallets, with all the advantages promoted by BIP-32 (but without the security risks). Emotiq can also support more conventional ECC crypto using only one of the two curves involved in PBC pairings. Enhanced co-signing (CoSi) protocol Distributed randomness protocol, RandHound, enhanced by using PVSS bilinear pairings Zero-proof privacy protocol based on Bulletproofs The full-node software will be packaged and delivered as binary, so anybody courageous enough may explore it on macOS or Linux. In conclusion… We’re real busy. No video reviews for this project. Be the first one to add. Emotiq is a powerful, decentralized blockchain with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus and natural language smart contracts. Emotiq is built on OmniLedger – a distributed ledger that provides horizontal scalability and VISA® and Mastercard®-level throughput, at thousands of transactions per second. Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Emotiq is a powerful, next-generation blockchain with strong consistency, massive scalability, fast throughput, confidential transactions, and a natural smart contract language. Conceived by a team of veteran developers, and committed to overcoming the unresolved challenges of the blockchain, it launched with a private Token Generation Event (TGE) on March 2nd. Current blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.) are unable to match the transaction throughput of centralized solutions, such as VISA & Mastercard, with transaction speeds magnitudes below that required. Emotiq combines the latest in distributed systems research with an innovative approach to smart contracts, to address the unresolved challenges of blockchain scalability, privacy, and usability. “We believe that a solid blockchain foundation has yet to be put in place,” said Joel Reymont, Emotiq’s CEO. But to achieve its potential, the blockchain needs to be better, stronger, and more scalable. Emotiq features a plain English smart contract language, Ring, that allows non-programmers to create and understand smart contracts through a natural layer. Ring is inspired by Zork, a classic interactive fiction computer game.

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“So far, the blockchain has been removed from those who will benefit the most from using it – non-programmers,” said Joel.

Emotiq will launch a testnet on May 15th. Its website and position paper can be found at – and a technical paper will be made available April 15th. The private TGE will be followed by a public TGE. This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services.