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Oasis Labs ICO Review And Ekiden Protocol June 3, 2018 While Ekiden utilizes secure hardware when available, the compute layer also employs verifiable proofs.

Expected Token Release: TBA. this post was submitted on 04 Jun 2018 1 point (100% upvoted) shortlink: π Rendered by PID 103723 on app-487 at 2018-06-11 15:04:04.207086+00:00 running 67864d7 country code: FR. Explore the next generation of apps, with the next generation of Browser. The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, has just announced a new investment fund dedicated to crypto and blockchain startups. The exchange will contribute $1 billion for funding new firms willing to explore the technology and its applications. The fund is offered by Binance, the world’s largest exchange for cryptocurrencies, and will be paid in the exchange’s own BNB coin. This new announcement came via online broadcast by the head of Binance Lab’s division, Ella Zhang. According to Zhang, Binance’s goal is to help create other funds and work with various fund managers who have at least $100 million in assets. She commented on this via Twitter and stated that Binance is looking for small funds that have experienced investors as part of their management team. Corr: we’d like to partner w/ fund managers who have managed >$100m AUM accumulatively, not that we only invest in crypto funds w/ >$100m AUM. Instead, we like small funds managed by experienced investors. We’ll do an EN AMA this Thur! — Ella Zhang (@ellazhang516) June 1, 2018 The exchange’s plans include the launch of a Binance Ecosystem Fund, which is expected to have at least 20 partners. So far, the details of these projects have not been revealed, but a spokesperson for Binance made assurances that additional information will be released in due time. According to the CoinMarketCap, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, and their daily crypto trades often exceed $5 billion. Welcome to #Malta 🇲🇹 @binance. An incubator was also established for the purpose of helping various young projects and ideas grow, without the need to worry about the lack of mentorship or finances. The first project to come out of the incubator will be Dache Chain, a new service based on the blockchain technology. It will be based in China, and one of its co-founders is Chen Weixing, CEO of Funcity, a startup dedicated to app development. He is also the founder of Kuaidi Dache, the Chinese startup that eventually became Didi Chuxing. This is the very same ride-hailing service that forced Uber to leave China. According to Binance’s statement, Dache Chain will be focused towards establishing a community ecosystem that will value anchoring. Its efforts are expected to achieve a shared ecosystem with the utmost purity to help solve various problems, with the main one being the unfair distribution of wealth and productivity. Binance states that the exchange has also invested in a startup called Oasis Labs, dedicated to smart contracts. Other important investments include a crowdfunding platform called Republic, and Certik, which is a verification service. Many have seen this as a very noble act, where the large corporation is using its resources to help develop new projects and grow smaller platforms. This is how progress is made, and every new development like this is helping with an improvement of business, technology, and other aspects of the modern world. Without efficient scaling, the transaction fees and costs of running decentralized applications will increase for both the developers and users. The anticipated success of Sharding, Plasma and ZK-SNARKs integration, as well as improvements to the consensus protocol of Ethereum, will facilitate the commercial success of decentralized applications in upcoming years. This will allow for decentralized applications to surpass centralized platforms with respect to user base and transaction volumes. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has been highly critical of ICOs as a method of fundraising due to their centralization issues. In October, he specifically spoke out against open-source projects conducting ICOs. He emphasized that it is neither practical nor reasonable for Ethereum-based projects that do not require native crypto-tokens to operate to utilize the ERC 20 token standard in raising funds. [Rules for funding Ethereum infrastructures are projects] must be 100 percent open source, no baked-in profit scheme (incl ICO token), must be good”, Buterin tweeted. To date, it is the most successful decentralized application and cryptocurrency exchange on the Ethereum protocol by the number of Ether transactions it processes on a daily basis. Through off-blockchain ecosystems and sustainable business models, it is possible for decentralized applications to operate with maximum efficiency. By processing the transfer of assets, crypto-tokens and cryptocurrencies on a platform that leverages the security of a public blockchain network like Ethereum, this can very well be achieved. The development team of EtherDelta has managed to run the platform without an ICO or external funding from venture capital firms. This is thanks to their sustainable revenue stream, which comes from the fees it charges traders on its decentralized cryptocurrency platform. This low-fee structure and transparent business model has allowed EtherDelta to grow rapidly over the past few years, as shown by the increase in its daily transaction volume. Furthermore, because of its decentralized structure, EtherDelta does not require users to comply with strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. These policies were enforced in 2016 by the three major cryptocurrency exchange markets, including Japan, the US and South Korea. By virtue of its simplicity, the popularity of EtherDelta has continued to grow within the cryptocurrency market and could see it evolve into the largest decentralized application on Ethereum. “An important feature of EtherDelta is that placing an order doesn’t involve an Ethereum transaction. Placing an order involves signing a message, which doesn’t cost a gas fee. This means that placing an order on EtherDelta is completely free: there’s no Ethereum transaction fee and there’s no fee if the order trades. Fred Ehrsam, the co-founder of Coinbase and former Goldman Sachs trader, revealed in a research paper that EtherDelta currently handles 2 percent of the trading volume of centralized exchanges. Ehrsam noted that, “neither currently use an underlying decentralized exchange protocol. They are small at the moment — EtherDelta does about 2% of the largest centralized exchange’s volume per day”. Due to its decentralized structure and dependence on the Ethereum network, EtherDelta is limited to that volume. Nevertheless, non-ICO and sustainable decentralized applications will eventually be able to compete with centralized service providers, trading platforms and exchanges. EtherDelta is still described as a decentralized exchange protocol, not as a decentralized exchange. Ehrsam emphasized that in order for EtherDelta and other platforms, such as OasisDEX, to evolve into decentralized exchanges, they will need to support order books. However, this is not currently possible due to Ethereum’s scalability issues. “A decentralized exchange has some combination of decentralized properties. CryptoCribs is another popular decentralized application on the Ethereum protocol which achieved success with a non-ICO model. Within a month, CryptoCribs added 100 new listings on its bitcoin and Ethereum-accepting platform. “CryptoCribs is committed to paying more than lip service to the community idea. We will set out with a total service fee of 10%, which is already substantially lower than the average Airbnb fee”, as stated in the whitepaper. “The service fee will be equally split between the hosts and guests. Initially, it will thus be 5% for each user. However, with every booking and “five coin” review (hereinafter a “community event”), the service fee of the user is reduced. Cryptokitties taking over the blockchain world What’s cuter than a kindle of kittens? ‘Anything else’ would be the likely response of the Ethereum community, as crypto-felines continue to disrupt the network.

Buy Oasis Labs ICO Whitelist

Cryptokitties, an online game built on the Ethereum blockchain, has quickly become the most used contract in the Ethereum network which, as a result, has created significant transaction delays.

While some call Cryptokitties a gas guzzler, others believe that the game might help bring blockchain to the mainstream. Seems like we finally found the puuurrrfect use case for blockchain. To contact the editor responsible for this story: We had a impressive interview with the BlockchainUA organizers in which they told their success secrets. You’ve managed to pull out an extremely professional event with three stages, panel discussions, and a plethora of speakers from all around the world. Do you feel people’s standards increase in the blockchain events realm?— Yes, we believe in it. We’ve held several similar conferences. So we have the opportunity to observe the increased people’s competence level. Every time our speakers arrive from around the world and share their experience in the field of blockchain industry. Our audience is very interested to get this knowledge. These communications are priceless. As we could see, these topics were the most interesting for our visitors. Also, these topics are the most actual for the business community. BlockchainUA is an endeavor by Distributed Lab. We develop the project. It names TokenD. It is blockchain based asset tokenization platform. TokenD will be able to allow anyone to tokenize any asset. It should be possible for people in their network without the need to worry about the technical side. How does BlockchainUA tie into the system you build? What purpose do yousee it fulfill?— One of the most important goals we follow in BlockchainUA is the creation of strong blockchain community. The strong community is the key to successful development of blockchain industry. Distributed Lab firmly believes in the future of blockchain as a tool for creating promising digital products. We should work together and share experiences with each other. BlockchainUA is the place where people find each other in the interests. There are always unforeseen situations, but we try to correct them. We actively support feedback from the participants of the conference. They help us make the next event better. Therefore, we always change and improve something. Today is no exception. What’s next for the brand? Should our followers expect a return of BlockchainUA?— Oh sure. We expect the following BlockchainUA in September this year. Follow us in media. We’ll public the information as soon as we can. You’ve made a great job. Congratulations on an amazing conference! Are there any other events in your plans?— Thank you. Every month we hold meetups in Kharkiv and in Kyiv. The nearest will be in July. It’s the great event when people who are deeply involved in the blockchain industry can establish close levels of contact. We deliberately limit the number of participants. This is valuable for delegates because all of them get the chance to meet each other and to have a fruitful meeting. Prof. Shankar Sastry was awarded the Berkeley Citation, one of the university’s highest honors, at the College of Engineering’s 2018 Commencement ceremony on March 15th. It celebrated Sastry’s tenure of more than a decade as the dean of engineering, which is ending this year. The award, which was kept as a surprise, honors Sastry’s achievements and leadership. Laboratory consumables, instruments and biochemicals Mobil: +421 905 605 891 Tel/Fax: +421 2 4594 63 43 WELCOME on Company OASIS-lab, s.r.o. (Ltd.) was established in the year 2004 as a trade company selling consumables, instruments and biochemicals to the wide variety of labs mainly in We have been cooperating with reliable partners worldwide. Our main partners we represent in Slovak Republic are Carl ROTH, GmbH, DELTALAB, S.L.U and Micronic, B.V. We supply our market with high quality products for the favourable price. try to prepare complete solutions thatwill meet your expectations. of our benefits is, all our customers could be served directly from the main stock, so we are able to react on all enquiries promptly and easily because of Your satisfaction is our success ! Valid to February 28, 2018 Please, do not hesitate and contact us, we are ready to make you our best price offer asap ! REQUEST FOR THE PRICE OFFER SPECIAL PRICES, NEW PRODUCTS !!! MICRONIC B.V. is

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a manufacturer of special kind of coded tubes, holders, tube boxes and

instruments fordetection, identification and storage of samples in the labs, especially in the higher throughput labs with many samples. instruments are used worlwide. Company is the world leader and innovator in this field. NEW 3 ml Tubes For Tissue Storage 2D code is egraved to the bottom part of the tube NEW TRACXER Code Reader Range Click onthe MAIN CATALOGUE NEW UNIVO Capper/Decapper Carl ROTH GmbH offers catalogue for all kind of labs. It is a complete solution of consumables, instruments and biochemicals. It is a basic catalogue that could not be missed in any lab. Valid up to February 28, 2018 Click onthe MAIN CATALOGUE LABWARE mailing with Click on PDF icon and you could see more actual products offered for the best price ! LABWARE LIFE SCIENCE HOT DEALS Attention:For orders with total value less than Eur 99 excluding 20% VAT, handling charges Eur 10 excluding 20% VAT are added. For other orders are freight charges added up-on agreement. LIFE SCIENCE mailing with SPECIAL PRICES ! a manufacturer of plastic labware - tubes, microtubes, tips, swabs, containers, etc. used mainly in clinical microbiology, clinical biochemistry, pathology, Transport systems for microbiology - liquid media in tube save sample and money !!! Click onthe MAIN CATALOGUE OASIS-lab, s.r.o. 36 900 28 ZÁLESIE (BA) Slovak Commercial Register, District Court of Bratislava 1, Section Sro, Reg. 33929/B Company ID: 35908645 VAT: SK 2021905776 TAX ID: 2021905776 Bank: TATRABANKA, a.s. BIC (SWIFT): TATRSKBX IBAN: SK33 1100 0000 0026 2083 4427 Korea’s Unique Ability To Make Its Reverse ICO Fad Permanent … Another ICO Exit Scam? Desperately Launching $300 Million ICO Monster Inc. This London-based project’s differentiator is the usage of the C# programming language for Microsoft’s .NET framework. Although Ethereum’s smart contract network has first market advantage, many who adopted it stumbled developing in its Solidity language. Competitors like Lisk, NEO, and Stratis each uses a more familiar programming language to achieve the same skeletal blockchain as Ethereum, with the inclusion of sidechains. The Stratis blockchain’s C# smart contract alpha launch in May 2018 will eventually make it an easier sell than Ethereum for interested enterprises. Onboarding any new system on that level is a complicated process, and many large organizations are still using platforms based in C#, so they have programmers available. It has promise, but there’s a long development road ahead. Before digging into the Stratis blockchain and associated projects like the Breeze Wallet, let’s review the STRAT coin. Breakdown of STRAT Stratis has a market cap of $382,703,968 as of June 10, 2018. This is based on a circulating supply of 98,862,897 STRAT at an exchange rate of $3.87. The highest price of Stratis so far was $21.21 on January 8, 2018 and over $5 million STRAT is traded on an average day. Oasis Outsourcing, a comprehensive Professional Employer Organization (PEO), was established in 1996. Over its almost 20 year history, Oasis has become the nation’s largest privately held PEO and serves clients in all 50 states. Oasis is a service-obsessed organization that delivers innovative workforce solutions which contribute substantially to its clients’ success. To find out more about Oasis and the PEO partnership, contact us at 866-286-2747 or via the consultation form. You can embed this graphic on your blog or website. Simply copy the code below and paste it into your browser: - Decentralized Capital – a bank that provides loans in a price-stable cryptocurrency. - Snowglobe – a protocol that allows decentralized exchanges to share one orderbook. - Boreal – the network’s own price-stable decentralized cryptocurrency, built on Ethereum. Aurora is planning to provide an advanced, open and stable financial network based on its own Boreal currency, accessible to anyone regardless of geographic location or status. Aurora will provide several services such as: - trade in crypto assets (IDEX exchange) - already functioning; - provision of loans in Boreal (Decentralized Capital) - cryptocurrency. Attention for the project is increasing. Currently there is the opportunity to test the MVP of the trading platform. Strengths of the project: - the need for loans is constantly increasing, allowing the project to occupy a niche in the market. - the system will be able to support itself due to two independent sources of income. - there is a working MVP trading platform. Weaknesses of the project: - there are risks associated with the lack of a marketing strategy which may result in an insufficient number of users.

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  • the roadmap does not provide information on when the crypto bank will be ready for operation, but it is a key component of the project according to the white paper.

  • a lack of focus on a particular business model, which can lead to insolvency for the project.

  • the project indicates the presence of two tokens (Aura and DVIP). As can be seen from the report, the pace of bank lending will slow down and peer lending will grow. Comments: The team does not have a marketing strategy. However, it should be noted that the currently working IDEX exchange is gradually gaining popularity (+120 000 people for the last month).

  • Basecoin ( - A price stable cryptocurrency backed by central banking practices. The following competitors can be identified among crypto exchanges: - Etherdelta ( - A decentralized trading platform that allows trading tokens based on Ethereum directly with other users.

  • 0x ( - An open conflict-free protocol that enables selling ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain; - Oasis ( - An online market for all kinds of token assets. Summary: The main difference from competitors in the field of banking is the presence of an additional source of income - IDEX, as well as the use of Boreal currency. As for crypto exchanges, the main advantage is the ability to make several transactions simultaneously, as well as the ability to cancel an order without Gas. The platform allows issuing loans in a cryptocurrency (Boreal): - To receive a loan, it will be necessary to apply to Decentralized Capital which carries out checks for creditworthiness.

  • Furthermore it is possible to use the received means for purchase of products and services, or to sell them in the open market with the purpose of crypto conversion.

  • The IDEX exchange, will be used as an additional source of income for the bank (except for the exchange of crypto assets). Snowglobe is a protocol for high-performance EVM-compatible decentralized exchange chains. Snowglobe consists of two POS blocks. The upper is the parent, which has the balance of each exchange stored in different smart contracts. The lower consists of subsidiary chains used to manage assets and transactions of individual exchange. Aurora operates over a distributed computer network and uses a EVM-compatible subsidiary chain to process transactions, decentralize the entire system and ensure its autonomous operation. To determine credit ratings it will utilise Bloom, uPort, and RepSys as well as the credit history of the borrower. Comments: IDEX is already functioning. The team did not respond to a question about when the crypto bank will be launched. [] In the future, with the development of technology and amount of data it is planned to implement the following: - October 2017 - IDEX launch on the mainnet. The semi-decentralized architecture consists of Ethereum smart contracts plus a central trading engine and transaction arbiter.

  • October 2017 - API integration. Opening the platform via API access will enable the development of trading bots, increasing the liquidity and improving te market efficiency.

  • Q2 2018 - Boreal goes live, with market making to stabilize the price.

  • Q3 2018 – Deployment of Snowglobe subsidiary chain architecture, allowing IDEX to increase transaction throughput.

  • Q4 2018 - Decentralization of the orderbook and transaction arbiter. This completes the transition of the current IDEX product to a decentralized subsidiary chain exchange.

  • Q1 2019 - Margin trading support. Including this functionality in the protocol will put the UX on a par with the existing centralized exchanges.

  • TBD – Launch of the Snowglobe MVP, allowing other exchanges to build on the protocol. This is dependent on the development of scaling solutions such as sharding. The following active modules are available in open repository: - idex-api-docs; The repository belongs to the Aurora team. There is no activity being observed in the modules, the latest updates are made about a month ago. The contract can be found at the link below: Summary: the project has many technical components; each of the components has different technological directions. As a result, there are doubts whether it is possible to implement this project in full. We have analyzed the AURORA website and documentation (IDEX) for sufficiency and consistency for making an investment decision. The documentation contains the white paper, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The documentation is presented in English. The website also provides information about the project, staging a public ICO, describing the components of the system, frequently asked questions and the team. The website is available in English. An additional advantage of the website is detailed description of the project components. Summary: The documentation allows forming a comprehensive view of the project. However, the relationship between the platform components is not detailed, this gives an impression of a fragmented system. AURA holders will earn a transaction reward for their role in securing the network. Token limitation: 2000 Advantages for token holders: Tokens offer opportunities to receive remuneration and the right to free trades and/or higher market creating rewards on IDEX. Roadmap of the project Q2 2018 - stabilization of Boreal price. Q3 2018 - deployment of the subsidiary architecture, which allows IDEX to increase the bandwidth of transactions. Q4 2018 - decentralization of the order and arbitration of transactions. Q1 2019 - support of trade margin. In the future, date TBA: launch of Snowglobe MVP. Summary: There are no plans for scaling or market entry strategies. The team consists of 5 people. Information about the main team members based on LinkedIn is given below: - Alex Wearn ( - CEO. Worked at Amazon as a senior product manager and at IBM as a senior PM, senior managing consultant, and analyst for a long time.

  • Phil Wearn ( - COO. Co-founder and operational director at EtherEx for a year.

  • Raymond Pulver ( - Technical director. Previously, worked as a developer at the University of Connecticut (1 year). The team includes 2 other people. Summary: In addition to the above-mentioned employees, the team also has a marketing specialist and a developer (previously worked as a senior software engineer at Jawbone). However, we should note that the experience of the management team presented in LinkedIn is limited, especially the technical and operational directors.

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Information about the project is available on various popular media such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, Linkedin, Github and Bitcointalk.

The project has a bounty program. The project is active on social media. Twitter and Medium regularly have news updated. The team communicates with its audience via Telegram. The format of articles about the project shows that they are written mainly to the project’s order. Comments: Interest in the project is gradually growing. The marketing campaign is mainly being staged via Twitter. Traffic analysis of the AURORA (IDEX) website based on data showed the following - Traffic source: Comments: 52.46% - direct link, 41.34% - referrals, 3.22% - search. Search traffic: 3.22%, 100%of which is “organic”. Referral links: 0.4143. Traffic analysis of the AURORA (IDEX) website based on analysis data showed the following: - Site rating: 0.73. - Attendance: visitors: 6 186, views: 24 750. Summary: Based on the available data, it can be concluded that the project has gained interest. The team is conducting an advertising campaign on social media (Twitter, Medium) and communicates with users via Telegram. The developers may be contacted using the links below: The information contained in the document is for informational purposes only. Our goal is to increase the transparency and reliability of the young ICO market and to minimize the risk of fraud. We appreciate feedback with constructive comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make the analysis more comprehensive and informative. Although Ethereum’s smart contract network has first […] The post What Is STRAT? Introduction to Stratis appeared first on Crypto Briefing. […] Thank you for joining the Oasis community! Stay tuned for future updates. Crowdsale closes on August 13, 2018 Yahoo est maintenant dans la Famille Oath. Oath affichera également des publicités personnalisées sur les supports de nos partenaires. En savoir plus sur notre utilisation de données et vos préférences. Nous souhaitons vous offrir la meilleure expérience avec nos produits. Parfois, nous affichons des publicités personnalisées en supposant que cela vous intéresse du fait de votre activité sur nos sites et produits. Par exemple, lorsque vous recherchez un film, nous utilisons votre localisation pour afficher les cinémas les plus proches. Nous utilisons également ces informations pour vous montrer des promotions sur des films similaires qui pourraient vous intéresser. En savoir plus sur la façon dont Oath utilise ces données. Cela ne signifie pas plus de publicités, mais des publicités personnalisées. Apprenez-en davantage sur la manière dont nos partenaires utilisent ces données et cliquez sur « Paramétrer les options » pour gérer vos préférences de partage de données avec nos partenaires. Cliquez sur ‘OK’ pour continuer à utiliser nos produits, ou vous ne serez plus en mesure d’accéder à nos sites et applications. Sélectionnez ‘Paramétrer les options’ pour gérer l’utilisation et le partage de vos données. Pour plus d’informations et de paramètres, allez dans Oath Vie Privée. Astuce : Connectez-vous à votre compte pour éviter d’avoir à recommencer cette procédure sur tous vos appareils. Copyright © 2018 | Free Dating. And it Works. - Free Online Dating - with automated matching and instant messenger communication. Search for fun, friendly singles with similar interests, find the perfect match by location, age and lifestyle anywhere in the world. Oasis (band) - Wikipedia “What Oasis has done in Britain, unifying an entire country under the banner of a single pop act, a band could no longer achieve in a country like the US. Eat At Oasis Pizza & Grill Eat At Oasis Pizza & Grill has an expansive menu of almost 400 items available for dine-in or delivery until 4am! OAASIS | Oregon Abuse Advocates & Survivors in Service OAASIS is building a movement that empowers communities to prevent child sexual abuse and help survivors live full, healthy, joyful lives. Green Oasis Cannabis | Marijuana Dispensaries At the Green Oasis we’re committed to providing Oregon medical marijuana patients with safe access to high quality, organically grown medicine. Visit us at 1035 SE Tacoma and at our new locations in Jantzen Beach and NE Portland at 4012 NE Cully. Oasis Lebanese - Home 14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr. Beaverton OR 97007 Phone: (503) 590-7486: The Oasis Experience. Website by Liquid Common Oasis (@oasis) | Twitter ‘Oasis: Deep Cuts’ is an official Apple Music playlist, featuring some of their lesser known gems, from demos to B-sides and live tracks. Have a listen below: … To Logon, you must be an authorized user and have a UCD LoginID and Kerberos password. NYC Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS) 2016 UPDATE VIEW THE MAP! Oasis Restaurant - Temp. CLOSED - 172 Photos & 278 Reviews … 278 reviews of Oasis Restaurant - Temp. CLOSED “Best Lebanese food I have ever had!!! Hands-down amazing food and absolutely wonderful service! I come here every year on my birthday and many times in between :)”

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This RSS feed URL is deprecated, please update. New URLs can be found in the footers at Where does Holly Willoughby’s outfit come from today? The BlockchainUA conference aims to draw in a general crowd to inform participants, to build a strong community, and to boost the buzz around Ukraine at an international level. From the outset we’ve laid down the key principles for the conference: