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Telegram will use its expertise in encrypted distributed data storage to create TON, a fast and inherently scalable multi-blockchain architecture.

TON can be regarded as a decentralized supercomputer and value transfer system. By combining minimum transaction time with maximum security, TON can become a VISA/Mastercard alternative for the new decentralized economy. At the core of the platform is the TON Blockchain — a scalable and flexible blockchain architecture that consists of a master chain and up to 292 accompanying blockchains. Below are some notable design choices that allow the TON Blockchain to process millions of transactions per second. There have been lots of different rumors about Telegram (TON) ICO for a long time. And there is still no official information so far. What is already known - the project is going to create its own blockchain technology, which is supposed to surpass most of the competitors. If the project will really be implemented, then it has a great chance of success, given the experience of its founders in building large, successful high-tech companies. In addition, it is known that the project has already attracted $850 million from private investors. However, the project rating was reduced for the already mentioned reason - the lack of clear official information from the representatives of the project. You need to login to create review. Your request has been sent. We will contact you asap. Messaging app Telegram has accumulated $1.7 billion through its initial coin offering (ICO) second-round presale event, reaching that mark after a staggering $850 million first raised in its first round. Public documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed the most recent figure. The document submitted to the SEC reported that Telegram’s second sale raised $850 million from 94 investors. Telegram was making headlines back in February during their first ICO pre-sale when the company raised $850 million from 81 investors. The SEC filing also states that “the issuers may pursue one or more subsequent offerings,” which aligns with previous reports. The company has been expected to hold a third round of funding, and reports have varied regarding how much Telegram plans to raise in total. The offering is by far the largest sum gathered by an ICO offering to date. The next closest offering was a Tezos token sale, they raised $232 million last year. However, there is no current standard cryptocurrency used for the regular exchange of value in the daily lives of ordinary people. The blockchain ecosystem needs a decentralized counterpart to everyday money – a truly mass-market cryptocurrency. Simply put, the ICO appears to be aiming to integrate P2P transactions on a massive scale. Societal integration of cryptocurrency being used for everyday transactions has been an issue facing blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency being used in the network will be known as Telegram Open Network (TON) coins or Grams. “The price of the first token to be sold will be approximately 0.1 USD,” the whitepaper stated. Telegram has recently announced that their platform had 200 million active users. That amount of active users makes the potential for the TON cryptocurrency on its network something to watch.

Buy Telegram ICO (TON) ICO Whitelist

  • Ticker: GRAM
  • Token generation cap: 5,000,000,000 GRAM
  • Tokens exchange: 1 GRAM = USD0.1000
  • Accepted payment methods: ETH and BTC
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Pre-ICO: January 2018
  • ICO: February–March
  • 2018

To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads.

Those advertisers use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on our sites and applications and across the Internet and your other apps and devices. To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA’s AppChoices app here. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. Back in February, it was reported that the Telegram or TON ICO managed to raise close to 1 billion USD. A truly extraordinary feat, even for today’s time. According to sources, the token price of the TON ICO has nearly tripled since last month, yet investors are still flowing in plentiful. But why exactly are high rollers jumping at the opportunity to board the Telegram ship? Well for starters, the messenger has an established and global audience of over 200 million users. It’s home to most ICO groups and channels nowadays, and its infrastructure is truly perfect to launch a massive scale Blockchain project. It’s worth mentioning that in February, Grams, or the cryptocurrency that is at the foundation of the project, was going for around 38 cents. Now, at the moment it’s going for about $1.33. An interesting thing aside from the financial aspect of the Telegram ICO is the fact that, actually, many small and medium-sized online business operates through the platform itself. Thus, the masses will be presented with a clear example and proof that the crypto industry is indeed an authentic one, and is here to last. Join Our Telegram Channel is a popular news resource devoted to cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and new technologies. If you have breaking news, suggestions, story tip or interesting ideas to send to our journalists? This is a big boom for Telegram, a messaging app that has not made a dim before its ICO was released. The amount came out to be the largest raised in the history of token sales till date. Then it on Thursday says it has doubled the generated fund. It as well attracts more than half a million every day. The yielding result of Telegram’s ICO which many branded as a scam is surprising. Analysts have weighed in on the ICO saying it is laden with atoms of scam, and may not have a good end in the long run. Forbes contributor, Jason Bloomberg, maintains that “it is scam among cryptocurrency scams”. Telegram, prior to this time was not intended to acquire revenue, the platform says it will never sell ads or accept outside investment. This is one of the reasons enthusiasts say it is a new generation scam. “It also cannot be sold. We’re not building a “user base”, we are building a messenger for the people.” The platform was managed directly with Durov’s fund, until recently when the game changed. On that point, it is also real that Telegram lacks a business model for the fact that it was built majorly not for profit.

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However, it is becoming a dependable messaging app due to its standardized security and privacy account.

Telegram was regarded a scam, but it is becoming a big market, suddenly. It has high potential of becoming another cryptocurrency boom, rather than the said ticking time bomb many level on its coin, when the ICO was first announced. The investment were gathered from serial investors who have net worth of at least $1 million, or more. Surprisingly, Iran is barring the app for creating unrest in the country, a decision it took after Russia placed embargo on the app. Why the Ban? On this basis, the governments of Iran and Russia are blocking the messaging app. This may have a thunderous setbacks on the app, however, with the newly gathered fund, it could be said that it is beyond the sky for the app. Ahead of the ban, Russian government have tried to force the founder of the app to provide users information, and reveal some concealed information, but the founder refused vehemently. The $1.7 Billion raised by Telegram is not a small fund. The aim of the platform is to generate something around $1 Billion, as said in 2017, with the aim of rivaling Bitcoin in digital payment. Around February, when Telegram revealed it has generated $850 million in the first phase of its pre-ICO. The amount, according to observers and available records, is the highest generated in the history of token sales till date. Afterward, the information that the fund doubled surfaced, making enthusiasts infer that the process appeared a scam. Many said it is laden with atoms of scam, and may not have a good end in the long run. We’re not building a “user base”, we are building a messenger for the people,” the platform had said in the past. It cannot be solely claimed that the move is a scam, for a number of reason. One, Telegram is becoming a base for cryptocurrency breaking news. Considering the recent war on ICO on Google and other social platforms, Telegram messaging app has benefited from the recent trend the most. Since it has amassed necessary fund, the next is for the app to boom and begin to gain than those who blocked cryptocurrency advertisement. However, there is one disheartening information, the generated income is to be shared among the investors, since there is no ICO parse due to the reported cancellation. Reports on Telegram’s goal for the ICO have varied wildly. Some have placed the figure as high as $2.6 billion, but all reports agree it will likely shatter the token sale record. However, the stars must align for investors to see that windfall. This, though, would require users to average $100,000 of annual value exchange, an eye-popping figure given current cryptocurrency transaction volumes. Featured image from Shutterstock. In what has been tagged the biggest ICO project of all time, Telegram ICO has generated over $1.7 billion so far. According to reports, over 50 percent of the Iranian population are active on Telegram. Back in December 2017, the app was very instrumental in the people’s protest against bad governance and economic hardship. Since that time the authoritarian government has been against Telegram and its founders.

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The massive success of the project has irked the Iranian government who are scared Telegram might collapse their economy.

Several government officials have accused Telegram of being an enemy to the nation and must, therefore, be banned. In his words: “Telegram is not a dominant messenger in any country except for Iran. The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani did not entirely support the proposal to ban Telegram. However, he stated that it was necessary to end the monopoly of the firm in the nation. “Nobody is opposed to breaking Telegram’s monopoly [in Iran], but blocking Telegram is not the solution for creating local messaging applications,” he said. The Iranian nation announced recently its intentions of creating own state-backed cryptocurrency, in a bid to evade international economic sanctions. Whether the Telegram messaging app and the TON ICO will be banned from the state remains to be seen. The world’s largest ever cryptocurrency fundraising effort has been put on hold after the popular messaging app Telegram scrapped plans to broaden its initial coin offering (ICO). Telegram did not respond to a request for comment from The Independent. More than $6 billion was raised through ICO’s in 2017, with around $12 billion raised since the first one was launched four years ago. Close to $2 billion of that figure was from small private investors backing Telegram’s ICO. A whitepaper published earlier this year that describes the Telegram Open Network (TON) cryptocurrency explains how it aims to overcome limitations with other major virtual currencies like bitcoin. “To this day, no consensus-backed currency has been able to appeal to the mass market and reach mainstream adoption,” the paper states. Bitcoin is known as digital gold, and Ethereum has also risen as a robust platform for rolling out a number of token crowd sales. Nevertheless, there is currently no standardized cryptocoin that can be used as a conventional exchange of value by average people. That is why there is a need to build a blockchain ecosystem that should be decentralized and also function as robustly as daily money. In short, there is a need to build a cryptocurrency that can appeal to mass consumers. Regardless of its revolutionary potential, blockchain technology still lacks the qualities needed to lure mass consumers. For example, the existing blockchain-based products and technologies are too complicated. In addition, more and more products and services available in the market cannot be bought with cryptocurrencies. As a result, these digital coins are yet to see mass adoption. Enter Telegram, which is also known as TON—an acronym that stands for Telegram Open Network. This platform is designed to provide the speed and scalability needed by a blockchain network to reach the mainstream. TON, or Telegram, is the ecosystem that will be built to streamline the exchange of information and value. This network will be programmed to touch the lives of the masses and result in mainstream adoption. In order to establish the first-ever mass-market cryptocoin, this ecosystem will first achieve the desired speed, scalability, and user base. As a fast, scalable multi-blockchain architecture, TON is a decentralized and robust supercomputer transferring high volumes of information or value. As TON will achieve maximum security with minimum transactional time, this ecosystem is poised to become a Mastercard/VISA alternative that will create a decentralized economy. One of the biggest shortcomings with existing blockchain architectures is complexity.

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Which is why TON is engineered to have its own user-friendly user interfaces (UIs).

With the help of intuitive UIs, the platform can develop lightweight wallets, identification services, and exchanges allowing the users to easily jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. However, a mass-market cryptocoin needs a very wide user base. Thanks to its Telegram application, TON will leverage the popular messaging app’s existing network of developers, publishers, communities, merchants, and payment providers. By doing so, the network will definitely push the value and demand of its native cryptocoin. That is how the developers behind this blockchain-based ecosystem are envisioning a fresh saturated economy where services and goods will be sold for cryptocoins. That is how TON will rise as a next-gen ecosystem where innovative decentralized applications (DApps) will be hosted. Like other ICO projects such as Gamblica, Alttex, THEFANDOME, TokenLend, CryptoLoans, Omnitude, Ternio, Dentix, TON is driven by fresh concepts that will increase the real-world applications of cryptocurrencies. Here are a few points highlighting the innovation that TON is bringing to the crypto table. At TON blockchain’s core is a flexible architecture that includes a robust master chain, which is accompanied by close to 292 blockchains. With the presence of so many accompanying blockchains, TON finds it simple and quick to process a million transactions every second. Once TON is integrated with Telegram, a clear path is opened for millions to adopt cryptocurrencies and interact with them every day. By bringing the capabilities of Telegram to TON, the latter will become more feature-rich. For starters, this integration will let the ecosystem leverage the massive user base of the chat app. For instance, TON will be building its own lightweight wallets that will be integrated right at the heart of Telegram. By doing so, the users of the chat app can easily transfer value or information without relying on any third-party resources. Furthermore, Telegram will offer a range of streamlined interfaces for TON. Apart from being used for buying physical and digital assets within Telegram, TON coins are meant to perform any of the following tasks. These are just a few cases where these tokens can be used. The crypto network is backed by a team of developers with rich experience in building the most scalable projects. The team has put all the networking, database, and cryptographic applications over thousands of customized servers. Put simply, this team has what it takes to make sure that the ecosystem will achieve its mission. TON looks promising because it is solving all the major problems that are faced by every other cryptocurrency today. As a result, this ecosystem and its tokens has potential to provide excellent returns in the coming time. Do you want to check the list of current ICOs running in the market then you can get the updtaed ICO List from here. Susquehanna International Group trades millions of dollars in bitcoin for clients, and now discount broker Fidelity Investments is rumored to be developing a cryptocurrency trading desk. Susquehanna entered the crypto space at the suggestion of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who are deeply engaged in this market. The Pennsylvania-based trading firm boasts private clients of which an undisclosed number trade digital currencies across bitcoin, bitcoin futures and what appears to be a handful altcoins. But to take cryptocurrency trading to the next level, many are awaiting the arrival of sidelined institutional capital. And before that can happen, two key issues — regulation and trading infrastructure — must mature.

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Smith suggested to CNBC that it’s less about the amount of regulation and more about regulatory clarity.

“The clarity will allow institutions to come in more than anything else. Institutions don’t like to invest into uncertainty,” he said. Incidentally, it was a major development when pension plans started allocating to alternative investments like hedge funds. Eventually, 401(k) and pension investment boards may determine it’s part of their fiduciary responsibility to offer cryptocurrency funds. Fidelity reportedly has several job openings that suggest the discount broker is in the early stages of launching a cryptocurrency trading desk. Fidelity boasts tens of millions of individual customers, and its support of the cryptocurrency market could open the spigot of another kind — Main Street investors. Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.